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Your AI co-pilot to assist and enhance your financial crime compliance and trade finance processes

About Complidata

"Let machines do what they are good at and humans concentrate on what they are best at."

We develop A.I.-driven process automation solutions to streamline and optimise financial crime compliance and trade finance operations. We deploy models as managed services, to help our clients to define, implement and improve payments, transaction monitoring, Sanctions, know-your-customer and trade finance operations. We help our clients improve both effectiveness and efficiency using advanced techniques like natural language processing (NLP) and data science.


Benefits of Complidata


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Our Services

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Our latest news

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Last Friday, our very own in-house expert, Alex Gray, was invited to give a coaching session to the Vietnam Banking Academy. In his role as Head of Trade and Transaction Banking at LIBF, Gray talked about the evolving trade finance landscape, and what the future holds for the industry.

Read on to learn about the current obstacles faced by banks when implementing a digital trade finance solution, and how Complidata is helping to overcome them!

Implementing AIML Models in Banking Compliance Addressing Hesitancy to Adopt New Technolog

“Another challenge is getting buy-in from compliance staff. Many compliance professionals are sceptical of new technology and may be reluctant to adopt AI/ML models - partly due to concern that regulators will not accept AI/ML recommended decisions versus the current status quo.”

Read on to learn more about the struggle banks face when implementing technological changes, and how Complidata is helping to combat that!

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See us in action

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