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Financial Crime Risk Reduction

FCRR uses A.I.-driven Process Automation Solutions to streamline and optimise compliance processes and underlying operations across several vertical domains for FSIs. We deploy these solutions as managed services, to help our clients to define, implement and manage the controls and achieve regulatory compliance. We help our clients to make their compliance operations more effective and efficient. 

AML Ops modules

The Co-Pilot for your AM Operations

1 / Optimising Transaction Monitoring, Name Screening, Payments Sanctions Screening, Customer Risk Rating 

Using Machine Learning models, deployable out of the box and pre-trained on more than 20 different data sets, platform- independent and pluggable into your existing detection tools and case investigations systems. 

2 / End to end productised, fully white box X.AI, MLops embedded

Automated explainability with full audit trail, embeddable in case investigation ; full lifecycle model management ; aligned with Wolfsberg AI guidance.

3 / API-based micro-services platform

A full array of NLP, M.L. and A.I. tools and services, securely hosted in the cloud and easily callable via API’s 

4 / Supported by world class advisory services

Top AML practitioners with banking, consulting and technology experience combine the micro-services to accelerate and optimise periodic reviews, remediations, Above the Line and Below the Line tuning, AML risk and coverage assessment, rules optimisation and independent reviews. Enhancing, augmenting, co-developing, and integrating with existing teams and systems. 

A peep into what the tool can do...

"Financial Crimes make banking unnecessarily hard for the good guys. Let us help prevent the bad guys and you can focus on making banking better for all."

Filip Verbeke, Founder & Head of FCRR

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