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Trade Finance Operational efficiency is unquestionably inhibited by the predominance of paper documents, manual processes, and the complex industry-wide standards that need to be upheld. The complexity of data, paired with the manual document-checking process means that companies have to drag out one trade for much longer than necessary, reducing the number of trades/transactions they can make and the efficiency and safety of the trading process. 

Trade finance optimisation tool

The Co-Pilot for your Trade finance Operations

1 / Automated OCR and Data Extraction

These documents can include, but are not limited to, SWIFT messages, bills of lading, invoices, etc. We work directly with our customers to ensure that the A.I. works best for their industry and region.

2 / Running the Trade Finance Commercial Checks

The checks and criteria will be determined by our customers, who know best what they need to find in a set of trade documents.

3 / An Audit Trail of everything screened against the sanctions and embargo list. 

Each check's status (Pass, Questionable, Need Personal Checking) will be presented in less than a minute, highlighting all the information on the exact document that needs personal attention. No more going through endless irrelevant pages. The one piece of data you need will be presented to you in a matter of seconds.

“Complidata has developed and will be implementing a state-of-the-art automated document examination system - TradeSpeed - to ease the burden of the high-risk and time-consuming process of manual examination of Letters of Credit.”

Gary Collyer, Chairman of drafting groups for the UCP 600, Trade Finance Consultant and Trainer

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