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Meet Michael Caulfield

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce Michael Caulfield, our newest addition to the Complidata team. With a wealth of experience in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and trade finance, Michael brings a unique perspective and expertise to our organization.

In his role as a Senior Business Development Manager at Complidata, Michael Caulfield is at the forefront of our mission to combat financial crime. Over the past year and a half, he has been working closely with banks across Europe, harnessing the power of AI to tackle AML challenges head-on. His dedication to leveraging technology to create a safer financial environment aligns perfectly with our mission at Complidata.

Michael's extensive background in AML compliance, as demonstrated during his tenure at IBM, makes him a valuable asset to our team. His three-year stint as the Financial Crime Practice Lead for AML/KYC at IBM equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex world of regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, his work as an Account Director at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence showcases his ability to develop strategic sales plans for revenue growth and expand sales activities, all while focusing on minimizing corporate fraud and enhancing cybersecurity.

Michael's experience and dedication to AML compliance and trade finance make him an invaluable addition to our team. We look forward to leveraging his insights and expertise as we continue to provide innovative solutions to our clients and work towards a safer financial future.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Michael Caulfield as he embarks on this exciting journey with Complidata!

Stay tuned for updates and insights from Michael as he shares his experiences and helps shape the future of AML compliance and trade finance with Complidata.

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