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Complidata/Huron Panel Discussion: Navigating TBML Risks Using AI and Machine-Learning

A few weeks ago, our CEO Ben Arber got together with our good friend and partner, Huron Consulting's Head of Anti-Financial Crimes and BSA, Alan Morley. Huron is one of Complidata's closest partners; we have been working together for over 2 years, and have recently formalised our partnership. The panel discussion focused on combating TBML risks using AI and Machine-Learning, as well as some of their observations and experience from working together with financial institutions.

Watch the full video here.


0:00 Introduction

5:34 Under and over-invoicing

8:50 Assessing fair price of goods

12:40 Managing and extracting data from investigated transactions

14:30 Advances in third-party detection with AI techniques

19:55 Identification of counter-parties

25:00 Benefits of cloud-based infrastructure

27:55 Focus on bringing down unnecessary escalations and missed risks

29:46 Transaction and Client scoring

31:30 The "'wow'' of AI-powered technology

37:50 Other ''new-technology'' trends - legislation and collective actions

42:31 Application and benefits for businesses

47:00 Closing

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